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“DaMarcus’s positive energy and story of triumph inspires people to show up for themselves in new ways.”  -Covenant House California

“It is hard for me to articulate in words exactly what DaMarcus means to me. When I first started sessions with him I was pessimistic and apprehensive to the concept of coaching with anyone. I had a long history of failed treatment for substance abuse, severe depression and anxiety. After six years of seeing mental health professionals and admittance into several treatment centers, I found myself working with DaMarcus.  He had this calm yet vigilant presence about him that was truly unique. I remember thinking, this is someone wise I don’t fully understand but I feel comfortable trusting. For the first time in my life I was able open and honest with someone without fear or judgment. DaMarcus gave me feedback on to how best to repair my fractured psyche and soul. I have found that the essence of every lesson he taught me has served me.  At the risk of sounding dramatic I would go as far as to say DaMarcus helped save my life. I will be forever grateful and in debt to the man that helped me grasp my second chance.” -client

“Very rarely does someone come along that can give you the knowledge, guidance and strength to make a real change.  DaMarcus has been that to me. He has helped me to set attainable goals for myself and then put the actions into place to reach them. Today I am working towards becoming a certified personal trainer, in the process of opening my own business and I am back in school and working towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Had it not been for the things DaMarcus has taught me none of this would have been possible!” -client

“We heard about the work DaMarcus was doing so we called upon him to facilitate a workshop with our agency.  The experience was awakening and informative.  He ended up doing a whole six part series with our clients.” -APLA

“I am grateful to my son’s Coach for being instrumental in helping him make major positive life changes!  DaMarcus is a very gifted individual who understood my son’s emotional challenges and the roadblocks that stood in his way. With patience and strength he inspired my son to see his best self and helped him develop the tools he needed to accomplish the goals that DaMarcus helped him to see that he could achieve. As important, I am grateful for the time he spent answering my own questions. I learned how to support my son in a healthy manner and our relationship is better than ever.” -parent

“The best testimonial is one which you can assure another that if you have a loved one that needed services this is the person for the job. DaMarcus Morton is the person for the job! He creates a structured container which allows his clients to thrive and make advances in their lives. He is knowledgeable, insightful, organized, and compassionate while establishing deep trusting relationships with the clients and their families. I have and will continue to refer to DaMacus.” -Loree Cohen, Inneractions Founding Partner